7 grudnia 2013

Greatness through exaggeration

The third concert during their first tournee in Germany took place in Osterburken. Polish musicians appeared at the stage wearing black clothes. According to them nothing, except the music, should absorb audience’s attenion – even too long verbal presentations between the compositions. This is how the Klezzmates let their music speak for itself.

The best way to experience the band’s music is listen to them playing live, when it is easy to allow yourself to be carried by the young musician’s excuding joy performance. It is possible to hear and to see how Bartek Staniak playing violin and Tomasz Polak on clarinet, as the melody leading instrumentalists, perform an excellent music dialogue,  how Jarosław Wilkosz, running over and pulling, spins around the strings of his contrabass and Marcin Wiercioch with his accordion feels the harmonies intuitevely.

The significant difference between the Klezzmates and traditional klezmer music is the rhythm, set in a motion and stressed by the precussion of Krzysztof Kossowski. If there is a need to, he can slow down to create more quiet parts, letting the rest of musicians to play their delicate improvisations. It is astonishing how multidimensional is the manner in which the band from Kraków draws from and expands the klezmer music: swing, musset, pieces in 2/4 time and even rock inspirations leave an exeptional mark on every composition, so we can forget what boredom means. Even when the compositions are revealing its obvious jewish music tradition roots, they are far from beeing pervaded by the air of melancholy, bursting with joie de vivre and vigour.

Nice musicians from Kraków with their funny and sophisticated arrangements mix the tradition and modernity creating their own mixture of style. Thanks to the excellent sound, the audience could find a pure pleasure of music feeling in their performance. Only this year the Klezzmates are going to release their second album, to come up to expectations of european community of fans, delighted as the audience in Osterburken and like them having not enough of the klezmer avantgarde.

Sophisticated compositions full of drive and elegance: quintet Klezzmates from Kraków played its fourth concert in Germany, Fürth.

The Klezzmates do not demonstrate their greatness through exaggeration – they are just playing at the professional level, entirely free from wistful clarinet and violin sounds, typical for the klezmer music. Not a noise, but the performance full of titles in a sophisticated way emerging from the silence, to fill the hall with an internal unity of instruments. Exquisite final of the superb weekend with the „Klezmer Festival Intermezzo”.

(Matthias Boll, Fürther Nachrichten, 21.03.06 r.)

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