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Klezzmates – The record and the concert

Gazeta Wyborcza 12-10-2005 – Magdalena Gaisek

Klezzmates have been playing together for only a few months, but the band has already managed to perform a few festivals, and even more – they are among the prize-winners of one of the most prestige – New Tradition – moreover they have released their first record, consisted of authors’ pieces of music.

The beginning was really impressive, but it’s nothing unusual as the members of the band are versatile and experienced instrumentalists and composers: Robert Milewski – violin, Maciej Bosak – clarinet (he used to play with them on the record, now they cooperate with Tomasz Polak), Marcin Wiercioch – accordion, Krzysztof Kossowski – percussion instruments and Jarek Wilkosz – double-bass.

Musical mirage

Lately we can even talk about the renaissance of Polish Klezzmer music. At the same time the border line between Klezzmer and modern music is slowly disappearing. The example of that could be „Exodus” by Wojciech Kilar, in which the theme is linked with the melody of Jewish song „Oy Abram”, but on the other hand the works of The Cracow Klezmer Band, in which the „echoes” of Bach music sounds clearly. And also the group Klezzmates.

- The elements of Klezzmer music like rhythm, harmony or melodious phrases are very strongly presented in our authors’ music, but it’s difficult to categorize our music. We take our ideas from different rhythms, mostly Balkan – says Jarek Wilkosz. It’s interesting that here, in Szeroka Street, Klezzmer music is played, but we can’t say that it’s wholly Polish, as we all play not typical for our country rhythms – on seven or eleven. Anyway, the same as we do – adds Jarek.

The compositions of Klezzmates create rhythmical mirage. Those rhythms perfectly sway, but there are also some swing sounds. Besides, Klezzmer music benefits a lot from jazz. There is a lot of free space to create music during concerts. – We always leave some space for improvisation. But surely none of us could say that he is a jazzman. We wouldn’t like to offend our colleagues – says Jarek smiling.

Two faces

Listening to the debutante’s record of Klezzmates, we happen to hear surprising musical work „Two Faces Of Klezzmates”. Under the mask of simple rhythm we can find polyphonic structure. We can have the impression that the musicians play with listeners.

- At the beginning we treated it as a joke, similarly to the train in the composition „Railroad” – reveals Jarek Wilkosz. – When Marcin (accordionist) brought it to the rehearsal, I said: „What a locomotive you’ve created”. So, as there was a locomotive we added a honking horn. We don’t want to be very serious! Not only musicians playing „great” art, which we can listen with eyes closed and in absolute silence.

The characteristic feature of the album is also its optimism. We can say that the joy of playing emits from the musicians all the time. – It so happens that each of us is reasonable optimist or even total optimist. But it happened by chance, that from the confrontation of such different personalities we managed to play such music – adds the artist smiling.

The principle of the golden mean

What is the recipe of Klezzmates success? – We are trying to find our own way to prize between the serious art and light entertainment. Sometimes it’s not easy. For example, we are thinking of the extension of our band sound. But if we see that it doesn’t create any new space, we won’t change anything. I am for the moderation – says Jarek.

Really, the proposal of Klezzmates is a perfect proof of the principle of proportion and balance -it concerns either the whole record or each separate piece of music. The band is also successful in musical narration, „telling the music”. – I wanted our compositions to be long enough to have the strong influence over the listeners, and simultaneously short enough not to be „talked down”. But it’s mostly working intuitively – reveals Jarek Wilkosz.

Magdalena Gaisek

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