7 grudnia 2013

Music for silence

The Klezzmates from Kraków delighted audience in Drezden.
It is as if the melodies are winding around the silence. They do not reach it, they only surround it as if they wanted to resemble it. But the silence flees them.

A music over the silence – obviously a paradox. But the thing or two shown by the Klezzmates from Cracow at Sunday’s afternoon in a small house also seemed to be unbelivable.
Five musicians at stage bathed in an atmospheric illumination, surrounded by the sounds of clarinet, violin, accordion, contrabass and percussion, some of the sounds are supernaturally beautiful, the other heart saddening, while the other ones rousingly jolly. The melodies are bouncing like a ping-pong balls. A proper and shared play with an introduction, variation and further sending, it all confirms a subtlety, diligence and the perceptible joy of music playing.

„A sad song for D.” slowly unravels in a meditation on the time. In front of a ticking clock the melody is arising and is taken up by consecutive instruments. Together it is possible to oppose a felling of time passing by to something which is personal and beautiful – even if the rhytmically ticking clock lefts its mark on the whole.

Generally the word „despite” is the best illustration of the klezmer music – the music which is the base of the Klezzmates compositions, along with elements of jazz and sometimes arabic-like sounding folk. Despite all of sadness, yearning, changing fortunes and goodbyes – despite of it all, we are still dancing in the moonlight (song’s title), trying to use the time we were given.

The Klezzmates are young band; it’s been only 3 years since five musicians met at  the Academy of Music in Kraków. Their second album „Reflections” was presented in Dresden during the second concert of the band in this town. „We are going to come here next year again”, promised from behind the accordion Marcin Wiercioch. This statement was also rewarded with rapturous applause.

(Valeria Heintges, Sächsische Zeitung”, 15.01.08 r.)

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