7 grudnia 2013

About the record „KLEZZMATES”

Gazeta Wyborcza 12-10-2005 – Magdalena Gaisek

I wouldn’t advice listening to the music of Klezzmates whilst sitting – it rouses, you can lose yourself in it from the first intently listening.

However, it doesn’t mean that we deal with the dance music. Just the opposite – complicated rhythmical and harmonious taken steps make the ideal space to exhibit the melodies of solo instruments. That melodiousness of the themes, improvisation parts, and also the ability of constructing compact compositions in relation to the form, with perfect dramaturgy are the virtues of the band. That soft music fascinates and at the same time positive energy emanates out of it.

But Klezzmates are not only the masters of delicacy – it is also in some way a contrary band.
Under the mask of „um-pa, um-pa” rhythm in „Two Faces Of Klezzmates” we can hear two-thematic proposition of a fugue with original theme, in which the other one is a well-known melody of „Mister John” in the minor pitch. This is the top of masterly skills and also playing with the listeners. Very sublime and at the same time enjoyable „game”.

„Far Away From” and „Dance In The Moonlight” show ” another face” – reflecting, from time to time melancholically, sometime mystical. In those pieces of music we can intently listen, with concentrated attention, to the sounds of instruments. There’s no denying – the sounds proceeding from the delicate musicians’ fingers – ideal, nice and warm. Maybe even too much. Looking into the proposal of Klezzmates in the categories of only and entirely Klezzmer music, just the sounds and the character of it can awake us to doubt. Here and there the typical for that kind of music „harshness” and aggressiveness appearing from unruled emotions are missing. Listening to that record, we are in contact with the whole „palette” of sensations, but still we can feel their planned impact.

What is that new proposal of Klezzmates? Above all, the new – in the widespread Jewish music – quality of space and taking an opportunity out of it. Through that very clear and „bright” harmony and also melodious themes, the band managed to create – so far unheard-of on the Polish scene – album.

Magdalena Gaisek

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