7 grudnia 2013

The highest level of the world music

The Klezzmates from Kraków made a guest appearence in Hörste.
A town – Hörste. The Klezmer music, the world  music trend connected with Jewish culture, recently delighted an audience of Heinrich-Hansen-Haus, at a sold out concert of the Klezzmates, polish quartet from Kraków which performed only its own compositions.

The Klezzmates in its classic line-up: Marcin Wiercioch (accordion), Bartek Staniak (violin), Tomek Polak (clarinet) i Krzysztof Kossowski (percussion) played their own interpretations of the klezmer music – according to a brief presentation in english by Marcin Wiercioch: „Our klezmer music combines jazz with balcan themes and classical music. You will hear it and I hope that listening to it, you are going to have as much pleasure, as we have from playing it.”

The Klezzmates’ infinite and pure joy of music playing delighted the audience as well as the virtuosity of the whole band play. The fact that their progamme consisted not of the well known titles or evergreens but of their own compositions kept the audience’s atenttion. A rapturous applause awarded this remarkable music event and the audience didn’t let the musicians leave the stage without the encore.

(Lippische LandesZeitung, 23.03.07 r.)

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