7 grudnia 2013

Traditional Jewish Sound

Głos Pomorza 28.02.2006 r. – Grzegorz Butkiewicz

The music of KLEZZMATES subdued the audience in Slupsk. A picture of Jewish folklore was shown with the positive energy of violin, clarinet and accordion. The full hall of philharmonic and theatre was charmed for an hour and a half.

The group’s sound is mainly based on traditional jewish music with the elements of balkan. Their songs are made of dynamic, composite rhythm mixtured with colorful, optimistic south melody.

There were also a few slower, lyrical melodies, parts of dramatic tension were seldom. Musicians also played a blues composition. The concert was filled with many light-hearted improvisations of Tomasz Polak’s on clarinet and Robert Milewski`s on violin. The band can create atmosphere gloriously. The big part of it was Krzysztof Kossowski using his drums and percussion. Also the double-bass player, Jarek Wilkosz marked out, turning the rhythm up with a great skill.

The audience was fascinated with the concert and their stormy applause forced the band to play again.

Grzegorz Butkiewicz

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