The Band

In January 2005 we decided to form a band whose repertoire could put all our indyvidual music interests and experience together. Each of us had had a contact with klezmer music in its very broad aspect and its beauty and variety grabbed all our attention. For quite a long time we pondered over an idea of the band which would realize our own music ideas. This is how the programme was born. It contains the most characteristic elements of Jewish and Balkan music (scales, rhythm, harmony). Using our former experience we have added jazz and classical touch. The final effect is our concept of klezmer music.

The name of the group originates from the word roommate and means klezmer friends. With a double ‚z’ reminding that klezmer music and jazz have a lot in common.

In April 2005 after only four months of playing together our work was appreciated by the jury during the Festival Nowa Tradycja (The New Tradition Festival) organised by Polish Radio II. We were awarded The Polonia Channel Award which was an impulse that pushed us to work even harder.

Our first album was released in September 2005. We have been playing succesfully in Poland and abroad. In 2006 we wrote music and songs for Popiół i Wiatr (The Ash and The Wind), a play based on the poem by Antoni Słonimski. It opened in November 2006 in Ateneum Theatre in Warsaw.

Since the beginning (12.01.2005 – our birthday – the date of the first rehearsal) we have played with two more musicians: Maciek Bosak and Robert Milewski.


Since September 2006 Klezzmates are:

Tomasz Polak
- clarinet
Bartek Dworak
- violin
Marcin Wiercioch
- accordion
Jarek Wilkosz
- double bass
Krzysztof Kossowski
- drums, percussion


Have played with us:

Robert Milewski Maciej Bosak Bartek Staniak